Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Friends

Good Morning All,
Yesterday I was talking with Jean, a friend from our pre-Christian and baby Christian days. I babysat their two girls. We spent tons of time together as families with another couple/& their kids, until we moved away from the area.
Jean is the woman I asked you to pray for when she was in an accident in April. Well, she's still alive, home, slowly recovering. She and I have more in common now then we did in the early days.
The Lord has been showing Himself to her in many ways, just as He has me. We talked in length about the Lord, His providence and grace and most of all, His Sovereignty. We are connecting on a spiritual level, not just a physical level.
She's experiencing the anguish of not being physically ready to go back to teaching school full time, at least for now. In a way, she's having to mourn what she's lost: health, teaching (which she's extremely great at and loves) and mobility as she still deals with a back brace that supports her (her back was broken).
We talked about not asking God: why? Why me? Why not her, why not me? I shared that I feel that the Lord finds me worthy for this trial, this testing and she concurred, for herself and me. We both feel that what we've gained is pure gold.
Would we have chosen this trial, this intense pain? NO! But, the Lord found us worthy to go through this, and our families. She was sharing how her girls rose to the occasion and were her constant nurses, encourager's and connection with the outside world.
My family has been such a great support and help for me, especially Chuck. It's 11 years this September since I got bit by the tick and he's been there, helping, encouraging, and being my buffer when I couldn't handle anything. Those closest to us know what we go through more than any other, and the lessons the Lord teaches them is just as important as we learn.
Holding on to the Lord helps us to survive and he gives us family and friends as His ambassadors on earth. So, thank you all, for prayers, encouragement and love.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

James 1:19-20

Good Morning,
I trust you survived the storms last night. It's still raining today, but Tucker and I walked when it was just a drizzle.
It's hard to believe that July is basically over. Where has this year gone? As I think about how fast life seems to go, now that I'm older, it makes me think about what am I still learning.
I've shared that the Lord is teaching me more about His Sovereignty, but also about patience. That one seems to always be before me to learn. I wish I'd learn it quickly so I don't have to learn it anymore :)))).
For many years I was a really angry person and the Lord slowly worked in me to refine and take the anger away as I surrendered the things that made me angry, to Him. As I matured, things just fell away because they weren't confusing, painful or what seemed to me an injustice, against me.
As I read today's scripture, I'm reminded again of what changes the Lord has wrought in me as He's transformed me through the years.
After you've read James 1:19-20, come and join me..... When I was such an angry person (24/7) my anger level was always at about an 8 on a scale of 1-10. It didn't take much to push me over the edge. Trust me when I say that didn't make me a good wife or mother.
When the Word says "quick to listen" I didn't do that. I always knew what was right, even if I didn't have all the facts. Next it says: "slow to speak and slow to become angry." I was fast to speak and rapid to become angry.
I know this didn't honor the Lord and I really did fight against it, all the time. But as the Apostle Paul says in Romans: I don't do what I ought, but do what I shouldn't. In Romans 7:21 he says: "So I find this law at work: when I want to do good, evil is right there with me."
It's only by God's good grace and His patience with me that I slowly learned to be calm, listen with both ears and let the emotions follow. I don't always get it right, but through the years, He's helped me SO much.
In verse 20 Paul teaches: "for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires." One of the motivating factors for me all through the years is that I want to obey God. So, as I've been made aware of what He wants to change in me, I've worked hard to accomplish His goal as I've made it mine. He helped me; I didn't do all the hard work by myself. As I surrendered my will for His, He transformed, by the renewing of my mind, to His way of thinking and doing things.
Trust Him to work whatever it is He wants in your won't be sorry. Pray today and ask Him what He wants you to learn.

Learning to obey,

Monday, July 28, 2008

Deuteronomy 18:9-14

Hey Everyone,
I trust you are all well and enjoying this hot summer day. I talked with LeaAnn and her Anna is sick. I talked with Betty and she's better, but still needs prayer as she recovers from the lasting effects of pneumonia.
I did a major thing today. I walked to the empty lot and threw the ball for Tucker. I've been taking the car. It's not terribly far, just the other side of the small pond that's practically outside our door (I can see it from the front yard).
By the time I got home I was really tired and a little wobbly, but I made it!!! I know it's going to take a long time to get back to walking a mile every day, but "one small step for man", or woman in my case. I'm not walking on the moon, but sometimes these days it feels like it.
I see my wellness doctor on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to that and finding out what needs to be done.
Chuck applied for another job, so would appreciate prayers that the Lord would work His will and for us to accept the outcome, whatever it is.
I was reading my Our Daily Bread at breakfast and the reading was Deuteronomy 18:9-14. It reminded me of all the shows on TV about occult. The main one that comes to mind is: Medium. The TV people have wrapped this abomination to the Lord in skillful craftsmanship. I haven't watched the show, just enough to understand what it's about, then I've not looked at it again.
What's so crazy is that there are Christians that watch shows that are forbidden by the Lord, as in the scripture today. After you've read this portion, come back and we'll talk.....
The end of verse 14 should be the strongest guideline for us: "But as for you, the Lord your God has not permitted you to do so." He wants us to be pure, holy and blameless. All the things listed in the prior verses definitely are not pure, holy and blameless.
From what I understand in our culture today, there are "white witches" called Wicka. Maybe you know about these things. If you think that our towns don't have someone involved, think again.
Satan likes nothing better than to deceive people into thinking something bad, is good. Like Hollywood, he wraps things up in a neat package and sells it to naive people who don't know the Word.
Did you know this portion was in the Word? Is this the first time you've read it? Have you ever participated in anything like what is mentioned? If you have, you have the perfect time to repent and confess and for the Lord to set you free with His forgiveness.
If you know of someone who's involved, you have the "sword of the Spirit" to show them that they shouldn't participate in this detestable things, against the Lord.
Learn from Him, so that when the world tries to pass detestable off as good, you'll know the truth, and that truth will set you free.

Free indeed,

Friday, July 25, 2008

God is Sovereign

Hope you are all well. The cooler temps have made is so nice to be outside, at least for some of the day. We have a small porch in front and Tucker and I like to sit and watch the world go by.
This Wednesday when we were talking with the oncologist, he mentioned a test to determine my percentage of getting cancer again. I personally don't see the need in knowing something like that because of a couple of reasons.
One, math is used according to statistics gathered, but I've found in life that nothing ever turns out like you think it will. Second, if I get cancer again, it's because God allowed it, just like He did this time.
Because I trust in His perfect will, I know that if I get cancer again, it's because He has a purpose for it. I keep understanding His Sovereignty more all the time as He takes me through trials and testings. A test result isn't going to change what will happen to me, just gives me the information that I will, or will not, go through this again.
Would you want to know? If you did, how would that affect your life? Would you share Christ with more people? Would you quit doing something(s) that you are now that don't honor God, or keep you from living for Him as you should? Would you love your family more and be more patient with them? How would it affect you???
As I ask these questions, I have to think on my answers. I sincerely hope that what I'm going through this will impact not just me, but everyone around me. God has a purpose for all of this because God doesn't do 'random'. My job is to make sure that I find out and do what He wants me to learn and do. Some things I know, but there's always room for more :)))).
As our pastor says: Think on These Things.

Grateful for your prayers,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good News

Hello Everyone,
I'm back in a limited way. I'll try to start blogging again, but as today is a pain day, I won't do much. I guess I slept wrong or something because my right side is really sore.
I've had a lot of sitting time and I'm getting so tired of that, but when I try to do something, it wears me out too much and I pay the price.
What lesson can I learn from this? That I need to put aside "me" and do what I need to do. It's only for a time, not forever and I need to be patient.
What spiritual lesson can I learn from this? That God is patient with me in ways that I don't even understand. It's one of His attributes and I'm so very glad it is and that He is.
I know that I try Him way to often. I don't listen to His leading from the Spirit or His Word. I know that I'm disobedient when I do that. Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing?
With that said, I'll close and rest, and be patient!

Thanks for your prayers,

Friday, July 11, 2008


Lynn and Nate are coming today! Nate is going to spend the day with Tiffani and the boys while Lynn and I wander around the mall and not chase an almost 3 year old :))).
Chuck came home last night for supper and slept, some. He left really early for his delivery about 2 hours east of here. But, he's home today!!
Chuck will take a week of vacation to help me this next week and Lynn told me today that she'll be here sometime Monday night so she can be here for Tuesday. Unfortunately Josh is stuck in Chicago with his job, but Chuck will keep him posted. Betty also said she'd be there with us too. Yeah!
It won't be long and Lynn and Nate will be here, so I'm not going to do a spiritual blog. Just wanted to touch base. Know please, that I'm praying for you all and am so grateful for your prayers for us.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Shot in the arm

Yesterday I had to have blood drawn. Why is it that some people draw blood without much pain, then there are people that make you feel like a vampire is sucking the life from you?
My wellness doctor wanted a special blood test done before my surgery, then in 3 months the test again to see where the cancer is, if anywhere else. So, I went to have the blood drawn, then sent off to California.
The lady that drew the blood was really nice, but I think she stabbed too deep and hit muscle. I actually have a bruise from yesterday's poke. It burned too, which I've never had. I was beginning to think she's damaged my arm. Thankfully after about an hour the pain went away. I accidentally bumped the poke hole today and it hurt. Not sure I want to go back in 3 months!
Because I had to have the blood drawn I couldn't have my supplements for seven days and my body was screaming at me. Thankfully I'm back on my supplements and the new one for cancer. It's to support my immune system to fight the cancer.
In our Sunday school class we're studying the book of James. It talks about perseverance. I guess that I feel that's where I'm at in all of this.
Chapter 1: 2 tells us to consider it pure joy whenever we face trials of many kinds. Why? Because (vs.3) you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.
So the question I need to ask myself, do I have joy? As I think about this whole cancer situation, I realize that I do have joy. Not about cancer, but about the Lord holding me close, knowing what I'm going through and being with me through this trial. He has found me worthy of this trial.
I looked up perseverance in the dictionary and it says: the quality of being persistent; a continuing in a state of grace leading to a state of glory. Isn't that just the coolest thing? It's all positive stuff: quality, state of grace; leading to a state of glory. Sometimes it really pays to look up words to find out their definition :)))).
I then looked up persevere. It says: to try hard and continuously in spite of obstacles and difficulties. I know that I'm not the only person on the planet fighting obstacles and difficulties. Many people who are, are resting in the Lord's care and provision. But, what about those who aren't? Do they have peace and joy in the midst of the storm? Do you when troubles come your way?
So, how do we persevere and gain the glory? For me it's deciding that I will trust the Lord for what I'm going through. He's Sovereign and knows what's best for me. He promises to help us when we are obedient and surrendered and I'm trying really hard to be those things.
It's choosing to trust and believe that His will is perfect and good for me and for me to look for what I can learn from all of this. You do realize that sometimes the trials we go through are also for the people around us, don't you?
If you were to spend the day with me, but I couldn't see or hear you (a fly on the wall) you would hear me tell the Lord: I trust you Lord, even though I can't see, hear or at this time know what's going to happen. Work your divine will dear Father; Your will is perfect.
I'm not perfect in this trial, but I am trusting in my perfect Father, who is trust worthy.

Trusting in the trials,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eternal Fire

Good Morning,
How are you all? I would enjoy hearing from you. Sometimes I feel like my blog is very impersonal because it seems all one way.
I'm having a hard time coming up with something to blog, so I decided to just go to a book and find a verse to write about. I ended up in Jude. When I read some, I realized that it was talking about eternal fire and those who suffer there.
What brought me to my salvation was hearing the evangelist talk about hell and sharing many verses about it. Did you know that Jesus taught more about hell than heaven? Hearing that it was real and that it's a place of punishment decided for me that I didn't want to go there. I especially didn't want my children to go there.
So, that brings us to Jude verses 5-7. Please read it and come back..... What I want to focus on is verse 7b: "They serve as an example of those who suffer punishment of eternal fire." I want to dissect this verse.
Previously it's talking about the Israelites, angels, Sodom and Gomorrah and surrounding towns. They(who did not surrender to the Lord) will suffer eternal fire. You do realize the fire that is eternal, doesn't go out. They will not perish, those condemned there, but will be tormented, for eternity. They will also be separated from God and their loved ones for eternity.
Does this information want to make you share more with your loved ones? Do you feel an urgency to share with people what their eternal life will be if they don't believe and trust what Christ did on the cross? Pray the Lord would give you opportunity and words, then go and share.

Saved by grace,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gorilla's Worship The Lord

How has the Lord shown Himself to you today? He's met me through His Word and in prayer and worship.
Speaking of worship, I want to share a word picture that I heard the other day. Chuck and I were watching tv and this guy was sharing that he and a group of guys went at Christmas time to a zoo to sing.
He said there weren't many people there, but when they got to the gorilla enclosure, they sang "Silent Night" and the gorilla's came forward, folded their hands like they were praying and swayed to the music.
The guy said that they hadn't done that with the other songs (secular). That tells me that all creation recognizes their creator; why can't humans???? I just thought that was so cool that I had to share it.
Do you remember when the pharisees complained about the disciples loudly praising Him (Luke 19:39-40) Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, "Teacher, rebuke your disciples!" "I tell you," He replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." Even stones are God's creation and they recognize Him.
How much more should we worship Him and celebrate Him in a joyful manner. If you're not comfortable celebrating Him, then animals and stones will take your place, because HE will be worshiped and celebrated.

Celebrating Jesus,

Monday, July 7, 2008

Called on the Carpet

Hope you all had a great weekend. We certainly did with our family here to celebrate the fourth together. Lynn, Ethan and Chuck went fishing. Josh had to work, but the rest of us just lazed around and enjoyed ourselves. Tiffani brought card making stuff and she taught me how to make a new card; she's so talented and thoughtful.
As you can see by the title I have a new subject today. Have you ever heard the phrase: called on the carpet? Basically it means to give an account and/or receive judgment for something you've done, or not done.
But, do you know where the phrase comes from? It comes from the racing world out of good old England. When someone needed to answer questions at an inquiry before the stewards, there was a piece of carpet that they had to stand on to give their testimony (i.e. called on the carpet).
Have you thought recently that some day we too will be "called on the carpet" before the Lord? Some day we'll have to give an account of our work for Him, or lack of work in some cases.
What will your life tell Him? Did you serve when He called? Did you help when you were needed? Or, did you tell Him you couldn't because you had too many things to do? Or, your commitment was to yourself instead of to Him?
So, work hard for Him while on earth so that when you're "called on the carpet" some day, you'll be able to hear Him say: well done, though good and faithful servant.

Waiting to hear,

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To Speak or Not to Speak

I was talking with my brother today, giving him an update and I told him that I had friends visit yesterday and many have called and that I feel like I've used up my quota of words for a year! I usually don't talk to many people, except Chuck of course, so it's amazing to me to hear from everyone and I SOOOOOOO appreciate the calls. I've been catching up with people I haven't talked with for a very long time, also.
My brother told me today that my Dad's bone cancer is worse and that the doctor doesn't give him anything over a year. We were expecting it, but when it comes, it's still hard. He isn't in much pain yet, so that's a good thing. My mom is able to care for him.
I haven't told them about my cancer; I don't want to add to their burden. My brother agrees with me, but Chuck doesn't. But, after thinking about it, unless there's worse news, I'm not going to say anything to them. Right or wrong, that's my decision; subject to change according to circumstances or someone talks me into it.
Looking at 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 is an interesting enlightenment. If you read the whole chapter, you'll see that just prior to these two verses it's talking about prophets speaking in an orderly way. Verse 33 tells us that God is a God of order, not chaos (disorder). Then Paul mentions women are to remain silent. Paul is talking about the major responsibility for doctrinal purity in the early church rested on the shoulders of the men, the elders in particular. Obviously some women were causing problems in the assembly by asking questions and perhaps even generating arguments; challenging the leadership of the men.
In Verse 34 the reference to the Law comes from Genesis 2: 18-24, 3:16 about the order of women where "head" order (God, man, woman) is concerned. Keep in mind also that the Law is a synonym for the Old Testament scriptures (first five books of the Bible).
At that time people were stating that they had the Holy Spirit so they didn't need Paul's help. Remember that the Lord chose Paul and anointed him, so those making these statements were actually opposing God (see verses 36-40).
Remember that in 1 Cor. 11:2-16 Paul allowed women to prophecy and pray under certain circumstances, so total silence in church isn't what he's saying here. Because this portion deals primarily with tongues and revelations, it implies that women were being carried away with speaking in tongues and disrupting the service. But, keep in mind that tongues is not the primary for us, but God's revelations, as Paul states in the remainder of the chapter.
To summarize this, women are not to challenge the leadership of the church in disrespectful ways. God's order is primary in the headship He established. So, Paul told the women to "knock it off" and ask their husbands, in the privacy of their homes, so that the husband and God were not dishonored in the assembly.
Hopefully this is clearer than mud :)).

Feeling much loved,

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Corinthias 11:13-16


Hope you are all well. As our summer has been fairly cool compared to the past, it's actually nice to have a warmer day today; feels more like summer. Do you realize that we're half way through our year? Where did June go? Why does life speed up as we age?
Today's blog is going to look again at hair covering. This is all clear as mud, so bear with me. If I understand the commentaries and the Bible, it seems that there's an underlying homosexual theme going on.
During that time in history, gay guys were wearing long hair and lesbians short hair. Paul was basically addressing this issue, possibly because of comments in the church or folks that were coming and not understanding the dividing line (line drawn in the sand) that God has.
Today, there are so many 'unisex' hair styles and it's fairly confusing if we allow it to be. I have short hair and like it that way. I've also worn my hair very long. But what I come back to in the Bible and through study is that what's in my heart is what's the most important.
I believe in Biblical headship: God, Chuck and me. I think the most important thing is that I have a submission of heart to the Lord and in public I manifest obedience; I'm not saying I can be disobedient other times. But, in public others see you and what you show them tells them the condition of your heart.
To summarize this portion we've been studying, it's that:
1. The role of women in ministry is proven through God's design (vs.3-6
2. The order of creation (vs. 7-9, 11-12)
3. Argument based upon angels (vs.10)
4. And lastly, the argument from nature (vs. 13-16)
Next time we get into 1Corinthians 14:34-35 and let the fireworks begin!

Living for Jesus,