Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stop Seeking God

I'm sure you're surprised by this title. I'll explain later :). Isn't the sunshine wonderful? Tucker is lying in a pool of it while I write. Makes me want to join her for the warmth and light it brings.
Jeremiah 2:5 tells us: This is what the Lord says: "What fault did your fathers find in me, that they strayed so far from me? They followed worthless idols and became worthless themselves."
Harsh words from the Lord. The Israelites had stopped seeking after God. If I include vs. 6a it adds:"They did not ask, 'Where is the Lord, who brought us up out of Egypt'." This implies that they had forgotten all that the Lord had done for them many years before.
Jeremiah's ministry in Judah was from 626-585 B.C. This was during the time when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Jeremiah had predicted the fall of Jerusalem but no one was listening or believing.
Take a really good look at your walk with the Lord and ask yourself this question: am I walking closely with the Lord, or have I fallen away in my fellowship and obedience with Him? If your walk isn't what it should be, what happened to pull you away?
Did you get busy and not read your Bible one day? Did you put off opening the Word to do a serious study and just not get back in that healthy habit? Did you not like what you read, so you stay away? Do you read sometimes, but not consistently? Were you convicted?
There are a ton of excuses, yes, excuses of why we're not in the Word daily. God isn't asking you to read the whole Bible every day. He just wants you to study some portion and apply what you learn.
One of the off shoots of not walking closely with the Lord is how your prayer life is going. Is it all centered on you, sometimes others, without any praise and worship to God? He should be first, others next and you last.
The only time we should stop seeking God, is when we've found Him! I think it's a matter of will. Will you seek? Will you pray? Will you surrender your will for His? You get the idea. Strive to seek God, and find Him; He isn't far away, but always right beside you, waiting for you......

In Him,

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Pilgrim said...

Some people have an Idea that God is inclusive for mans eternal destiny, that all religions and all people will be saved. That God will allow all of mankind to enter into heaven because everybody is good so God must be fair and include everyone! It is true God does love the whole world but God is exclusive about mans eternal destiny without the Savior. To keep this simple man has a problem called sin in which man refuses to believe that there are eternal consequences for having sin, which is a one way ticket to hell. God is holy and he will not allow anyone with sin to enter into heaven. God is hurt and angry about our sin, we have broken his laws. But God is just and good and he knows our need so he provided a solution to our problem. His solution to our problem is to have our sins removed by having our sins placed on someone else, a sacrifice for us; paying for the penalty of the sin we have in our lives. So that someone else would get the penalty of Gods wrath and separation on him that was meant for us. So God sent his son Jesus on a mission from heaven to earth as our sacrifice to die on the cross on our behalf after this happened three days later Jesus came back from the dead, alive. But that’s not all remember I wrote that God is exclusive about mans eternal destiny without the Savior? The only way that Gods promise can be applied to your life is for you to turn from your way of thinking and know that your sin offends and hurts God and call on the Lord Jesus who’s alive to save you. Your sins are then transferred to Jesus for what he did at the cross, dying and being abandon by God because of your sins, for you and because Jesus arose from the dead he is alive you can now enter into a relationship with God. Will you call out to Jesus to save you? It’s your choice to enter in exclusively with God’s grace for you. Where will you want to spend eternity after hearing Gods promise for you?
If the answer was yes that you do want Jesus as your sin bearer, Savior, and you do believe God raised Jesus from the dead you can pray with your voice.

“Dear Lord Jesus save me.”

Acts 20:21 Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance towards God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.