Monday, March 23, 2009

How we wander away from God

Hello on a lovely Monday,
Sunshine! Warmer temps! The windows are open and the breeze is bringing in the warm weather. I think Spring is finally coming home. We had a good weekend. We're joining the church we've been attending for a year. Now, we'll be able to do ministry here, as God leads. Discipleship isn't being done here, so we're hoping the Lord will lead us in that direction. Chuck's ministry at the prison has had some bumps, but the men like his teaching and are eager to learn.
Our pastor taught on Jeremiah 2 yesterday and I took notes because I wanted to share with you the gold nuggets he shared. Every day that I blog, I'll address a point that he spoke about. Of course you won't get the whole thing, but that's ok. Let the Lord lead you in His wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
The first point I want to share is vs. 2. "Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem: "I remember the devotion of your youth, how as a bride you loved me and followed me through the desert, through a land not sown."
Through the prophet Jeremiah, God was talking to Israel. When it talks about the "devotion of your youth" He's talking about when Israel was a young nation and followed God. This was before they sinned and those over 20 had to stay and die in the desert.
Can't you just hear God bringing their memory back to a better time (they were following God through obedience)? Then He calls them His bride. The suggests newness, a willingness to follow the bridegroom (God). He led them into an unknown territory, like a new couple moving to a new town and starting their life together away from family and friends. This should bond the couple closer together, not drive them apart as they learn to depend on each other.
Just after Chuck and I were married, he got a job in southwest Iowa, about five hours from our hometown. It was a really difficult time for us both and we were only there a year. But, during that time we had to learn dependence on each other and we were drawn together probably more then if we had stayed close to home. We weren't Christians, so dependence on Him wasn't part of the equation.
However, I really think that He orchestrated the job offer that brought us back to northeast Iowa, closer to home. He knew what we were going through and He knew where we needed to be so that we would hear the gospel message and get saved. He is omniscient, remember!
I really think this verse is talking about when we come to Christ, we have such a strong devotion and love for God. In the next few verses though, we'll discover that our first love often wanes, even though it shouldn't. Join me next time......

The bride of Christ,

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