Sunday, July 26, 2009

At long last

I've decided today, that I'll blog. Not sure what about, but we'll see. I don't think anyone reads this anymore, so I guess I'll just ramble.
Life has been, shall I say, interesting lately. The economic crunch has been hitting our area a lot lately and jobs are scarce. Everyone is feeling the pinch. Our president seems bent on turning our country into a socialist one, whether anyone agrees or not.
What I find interesting is that in the end times, after the rapture, America isn't shown as a super power financially. When the tribulation is present, life will be centered in Babylon, what is now Iraq.
I'm studying Daniel and just getting into the 7th chapter, where prophecy starts to really begin. It's touched on previously, but now the history is ending and prophecy is coming to the forefront.
Because I'll be gone when the rapture happens before the tribulation, what will happen doesn't really affect me. What I care about is the signs of the end, which I think we are slowly sliding into. How much "tribulation" will we experience before the real one comes? What forms will it take?
The wedding supper of the Lamb will take place in heaven during the tribulation. I can't wait!!! That's when rewards will be given. I can't wait to lay my crowns at Jesus' feet. I will probably be shocked by how many or how few there are. But I do know that they are His and I gladly lay them before Him.
What I want most in the world is this: come back soon Lord Jesus......

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